Sunday, January 31, 2016

I smell Spring!

I figured that I should post something for the month of January.  It's been a busy month for me with some shows and a lot of time at the vise.  I've been looking forward to February for a while now.  Things will start to warm up a bit around here and the days are already getting longer!  Soon, the golden stoneflies will start moving around on the upper Arkansas River and that will get the trout looking around for them more.  There is nothing like seeing bigger bites available to the fish to get them looking for Big Macs rather than french fries.

Stoneflies, along with the usual midges and Baetis, will kick start the late winter/early spring feeding on the Ark.  The usual early spring set-up for me is a stonefly/caddis larva or a caddis larva/baetis nymph.  Some days even start with a stonefly/caddis/baetis nymph set-up.  The fish will let me know what they are eating and I can remove one fly.  If they continue to eat all three patterns, I keep fishing all three patterns.  Make sure to use weight and get the flies down!  
If you would like to make a trip down there with me, please contact Royal Gorge Anglers to set up a guide trip to show you how to fish this river in the early spring.  I am really looking forward to fishing this river very soon as I think it is the most overlooked season.  I'll post pictures!


  1. Cool to see the natural next to your flies and see how good of an imitation they are.

  2. Funny because it really don't like that fly that is in the picture. The legs are waaay too long on that one!