Thursday, January 10, 2013

The A.K. Best test

A.K. Best stopped by my table this weekend and checked out some of my flies.  He told me I had a lot of flies.  I asked him if he wanted to buy some.  He laughed.  He also looked closely at one of my patterns.  He said it looked good.  It was thin and sparse just as it should be he said.  Whew!  I guess I passed the "A.K. Best test"!

I posted this on my Facebook page.  If you haven't yet, stop by and "like" the Hopper Juan page.  I share little tie-bits and photos there that usually don't make it here.  Click on the Icon to be taken there.


  1. Would anyone know who A.K. is without John Gierach? I wonder.

  2. I knew who A. K. was before I knew who Gierach was, and I am not exactly a traditionalist when it comes to tying.

    A. K. Best is a monster.

    Juan, that is really cool. Care to divulge the pattern?

  3. Shaun, it was a simple little pattern that I call a CDC Spun Dun. It is basically a small Marc Petijean CDC pattern, using his magic tool. It really is a cool and effective pattern. I want to do a SxS or video on it soon.

  4. AK before Gierach? seriously? AK has long roots in flyfishing circles. with or without John G.
    Juan, who are you kidding, you passed the test with flying colors sir!

  5. ak is the most self centered A-Hole on the planet!!!!!!!

    Read his poor excuse of a book

    1. Anonymous, care to comment on why and revel your real name?

  6. Jaun
    If I had a pattern that Mr. Best appoved of I'd have it on the wall or under glass. I've only read a couple of his book but I've never read any by Anonymous.