Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some new 2012 products

I've been pouting a bit for the last week or so, since I wasn't able to make it to the dealer show in New Orleans this year.  I had been to the last few 3 or 4 in Denver and was just getting used to getting my free swag which included fly tying catalogs, sample tying materials, hats, and beer.  One year I even scored a pair of waders.  I poured over the internet trying to find out what is new this year.  I assumed that my fly patterns didn't make it into the MFC catalog this year.  I caught glimpses of new products that won best of show for this and for that.  If you look now, you can find some stuff out there that is new.  What I really wanted to get my hands on was the MFC catalog.  I had heard they had some cool new stuff.  Well yesterday as I was cruising the internets, I ran across the link to the new 2012 MFC pdf. catalog.  If you click HERE, you will get the goods.  Please note that MFC did like 3 of my patterns and now have them in the 2012 catalog.  I'll have to post some tutorials of those bugs later when I have some time.  That's also the same thing I tell my wife when she asks me to fix something around the house.

Some New Bugs from MFC, 2012

MFC also has some sweet new fly boxes and other things you have to see for yourself.  The boat box won Best of Show for best fly storage system this year. You have to check it out! The new fish print items look really sweet also.  The boat box can hold up to 4,000 or so flies.  I think I might have to tie a dozen or so more flies to fill that thing.  I am not sure how a person like me that doesn't have a boat fits that thing in the vest.

MFC Boat Box

Other items that I have played with is the new Sage "One" rod.  It's nice and I said "it's like a sniper rifle, it's that accurate".  It did make me feel like I was hitting every nook and cranny I aimed for, but maybe I just thought that since that was what I read somewhere.   It is definitely worth checking out though.  I don't think that it is head and shoulders above other high end rods, but it is right there at the top.   I'd like to have a shoot out with the G Loomis NRX, the Hardy Zenith, the Sage One and the other big dogs out there to see where it fits in.

Sage "One" Rod.  

Another new item I was able to fondle recently down at Ghilles Fly shop was the new Hardy DD & CC Ultralight reels.  These are nice also and for the price, you probably can't beat them.  They are made in Korea, if you don't mind going that route.  I prefer my reels to be made in the USA, but some don't really care as long as the fish don't care.  The CC reels have a click drag and come in smaller sizes than the DD as you may have guessed.  The double D's are bigger than the smaller C's as in life but depending on your preference, they are both pretty nice.  The DD's have a disc drag and the smaller sized DD is around a 5wt. size reel.


  1. Thanks for the insights Juan...
    You have to wonder "where to next?" with the latest generation carbon rods. The technology makes sense after watching the marketing videos but it sounds a little like 1990's hi-fi where the new isn't better but different.
    The Hardy reels look like most other modern designs... I still love their Classic range. Can't help feeling there's better reels out there if you want ultra modern (Sage, Nautilus...?)

    Is your midge season fast approaching?

    Hope you're well.


  2. Disgusted to see that they've name a fly the pedophile

  3. I've not noticed that fly. I'll have to take a look and see where it is. Thanks for letting us know.

  4. Andy-it seems like the rod industry always tries to sugarcoat everything and anything that is new. Sure I can catch fish on a $50.00 rod just as well as a $800.00 rod. I can also get to work in a beater car, But i would prefer to arrive in a BMW though. It all comes down to the consumer and what they like. I would love to fish this rod and to own one but I don't see that happening anytime soon. The Midge season will be here very shortly and I have begun tying midges for the shop. I can't believe summer is almost gone!

  5. Those Hardy's are sexy! I hate that I'm such a sucker for reels.