Monday, September 5, 2011

New flies for 2012, MFC

I am honored and proud to be included in Montana Fly Company's 2012 catalog with 3 new patterns for you guys to throw.  They are the Tungsten Hot Shot Nymph, the Sniper Baetis Nymph and the i-Stone, a Golden Stone pattern.

The Hot Shot is a general pattern that I use to show the fish something different.  The tungsten bead helps to bet the fly down and the red colored bead also gets the attention of the fish.  I have had some really good days on the South Platte and Arkansas River with this pattern trailing a Hopper Juan and hitting spots most people won't fish.  It is a great pattern and in the smaller sizes, I like to put on a red glass bead to reflect more color.
Tungsten Hot Shot Nymph 
Hook:      MFC 7045 or TMC 2457 Scud Hook #14-18.
Bead:       Red MFC Lucent Tungsten Bead, Christmas Red
Thread:   Brown UTC 70 or MFC 8/0.
Body:      Hareline Dubbin, Cinnamon Caddis.
Rib:         Small Copper Wire.
Shellback:  Natural Pheasant Tail.
Tail:         Natural Pheasant Tail.
Thorax:    UV Olive Brown Ice Dub.
Wings:     Brown Hen Back.

The Sniper Baetis is a sweet little pattern that you know will work on the techinical waters where big Rainbows line up to eat baetis nymphs in the late fall and early spring.  This pattern has proven it's self in the toughest hatches and on some tough fish.  A thin profile helps to get the pattern down and the fish eating it.  Easy to tie, make sure you have some of these in you box for the next time you find fish eating nymphs and emergers.  

Sniper Baetis Nymph
Rusty Brown 
Hook:      MFC Emerger Hook, TMC 2488 #18-24
Thread:   MFC 8/0 Rusty Brown
Tail:         Mottled Brown Hen Hackle
Rib:          Hareline Ice Thread, Black  
Thorax:    Rusty Brown Superfine Dubbing-very sparse
Wingcase:  Fluoro Fibre, Brown 16 strands #18-20, 22 & 24=14 strands.
Legs:        Fluoro Fibre, Brown 

The Tungsten i-Stone was developed by finding a sheet of foam that was used to pack up my i-Mac.  A little fooling around with a caddis wing cutter and some new dubbing from Natures Spirit in a golden stone color and the i-Stone was developed.  Initial testing on the Animas River was not too promising but that may not be the best place to test a golden stone pattern.  More testing on the Arkansas River was a better idea.  The Ark. is loaded with golden stones.  It preformed awesome.  The wingpads held up and the tungsten and lead helped get the pattern down where the fish are.  It has quickly become one of my favorite patterns to use year around.  

Tungsten Golden iStone
Hook:      MFC 7231 or TMC 2302 #10-12
Bead:       MFC Lucent Coffee Tungsten Bead, 2.7mm
Thread:   UTC 70 Yellow or MFC 8/0
Underbody:  .20 lead laid on the sides or lead tape.
Body:      Nature’s Spirit Amber Emergence Dubbing.
Rib:         Small Copper Wire
Shellback:  Medallion sheeting or MFC Gold Silly Skin
Tail:         Gold Goose Biots
Thorax:    Nature’s Spirit Amber Emergence Dubbing or similar.
Wings:     Brown Hen Back
Wingcase:  Computer Packing Foam Colored with Dark Brown Marker. I use foam from an Apple iMac.  Dell or HP foam would work as well.   Cut with #18 Caddis Wing Cutter.  


  1. Congrats, Juan! I am envious that you have it tight with MFC. They are stellar dudes and dudettes. Way to go getting more of your patterns on the shelves of shops 'round the US of A.

  2. Thanks fellas. I appreciate it. MFC peeps are good people. Good people, good flies, good materials and cool new stuff. Which reminds me that I still have some free stuff they sent me to give away. Hmmm, what kinda of give away to do?

  3. Once you ran out of the i-mac foam, did you have to buy another computer??, but joking aside the sniper baetis looks very fishy, and the istone is unique, which we all know is hard to achieve these days. Good work HJ!

  4. Charlie--I am still working off the original foam patch. Once that is gone, I might have to buy another mac. I joked that I used foam from a Dell, but the flies kept crashing. :)

  5. Congratulations Juan. You have been a great help to me in my tying. Thanks for what you have done and continue the great work.

  6. So when do I get a copy to post to my site?


  7. Kimo- you already have 2 of the 3 flies listed here. I can get you the 3rd one here soon and see if there are any others to add. Thanks for having me on your site and for building that site. It's a benefit for everyone who ties or who wants to tie.


  8. You bet! I just need the sniper.



  9. That first fly looks an awful lot like a Skip Nymph ;)