Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love/Hate relationship with the Dream Stream

I was hoping to get back on the water the next day on a guide trip.  Things fell through as the clients never answered their phone to schedule this thing.  Hmmm.  I was then hoping that I could go up there today, Sunday on another trip, but it didn't happen either.  I get one day of fun for myself and any other day, I  have to be making money.
Since I won't get there this weekend, I can spill what I saw up there this weekend.  It's not like there are any  secrets about that river.  I would estimate it sees a couple hundred anglers on any given summer weekend.  Of those, maybe 50% can figure out what is going on.
 Tricos are there and the fish are eating them.  Not many fish are eating on top, most of the fish are eating below the surface on the drowned duns and any drowned spinners.  Along with that, you have some caddis coming off along with some egg layers on the water.
We started off with nymphs and soon heard some big splashes from big fish eating something off the surface.  "That doesn't sound like a fish sipping duns or spinners".   I took 2 rods with me just in case I needed a dry when I had a nymph rig on.  For me, the nymph rod was in my hands the most as I targeted the deeper water.  My first choice was a San Juan Worm followed by a #20 Black Sparkle Wing RS2.  That was a good choice as the RS2 imitated a drowned trico.  Most of the fish were lake fish as some of them were just as wide as they were long.  The thing I love about the Dream Stream is that the fish are freight trains.  When they decide that they want to go, there is nothing that will stop them.  You can only hop that your knots hold.
Juan's PMD Ice Emerger
Throughout the day, the fish ate tricos, caddis and PMDs.  Flies of choice were a #16 Caddis, #20 Black Sparkle Wing RS2, #18 PMD Ice Emerger, Olive PT Nymph and San Juan worms.  Another good fly is a Spent Wing Trico Spinner.  Kent was trailing this behind the caddis and did well with this pattern.
A lot of us have a love/hate relationship with the Dream Stream.  Some days it can be so good, and others it is stingy.  This day was one of the better days I have had on any river recently.  It was fun. It reminded me of why I love fishing and why I still have that burning desire to get out there.  The mosquitos were horrible though.  As I write this, I have to stop and scratch my hands.  I forgot my bug spray and I paid for it.  If you go, make sure to have the bug spray and maybe a net.  It helps landing those big, solid 18" fish that you can't get your hands around.  Believe me,  I tried and wish I hadn't forgot my net in the car.

18.5 ".  They feel a lot bigger.  Still, it's not a bad fish.

Kent's big bruiser brown on a caddis.  


  1. Very nice. Looks like a sweet dream to me.

  2. Great pictures and the movie clip was fantastic. Looks like the fishing is picking up with the water going down.

    Fished there on August 14th. The water was above 500 and it was difficult. Caught one nice brown on a dry dropper rig. I didn't see too many fish or anglers. Nice day-sunny and no wind. Love/hate the DS as well. Jerry

  3. Nice blog, I do a lot of warm water fishing, but enjoy reading about the trout fishing. The pictures were great, and the video was a nice addition.

  4. Looks like a great day of the Dream Stream!

  5. really nice! Looks like you had a pretty sweet day on the water. Enjoyed seeing all the pics...well done!

  6. Looks like an Awesom day out there Juan!

    Is that an 8' 8" 5wt? if so.... tis a smokin ROD!

  7. josh-I took 2 S4s. I do have the 8'8" 5wt and you are right it is a hot rod!

    Thanks for all the comments. It was a good day and I've heard since ten the word has gotten out and it is crowded again.