Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lots of water still up there!

Usually this time of the year, most of the water stored high in the peaks of the Rockies is thinning and coming downhill, on it's way to the theory.  This year is a bit different though.  It's still snowing and the snowpack is still growing.  While the depth of the snow may not be growing much, the water content is.  May 1st is usually when the collection totals "peak" for snowfall.  This year is different.  With a total snowpack over 200% for this time of the year, when the sun turns on full blast, it's going to come down and come down fast!  Find a lake and practice on your stillwater fishing as I think most rivers will be flowing high for a while.  Even the tailwaters will be affected as some room may need to be made to hold the "extra" runoff water.  Flows are currently up on the S. Platte, as expected, to move water downstream.  Good fishing can be had in the higher tailwater flows and a good flushing is always helpful for the system.

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  1. Sweet blessed water! It makes me a little sad to think of rivers being blown out, but man is it good for the system to get a high run-off year like this!

    I always love how it cleans out the algae when it comes down. Should make for a great Fall season!