Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spirit River Flies and Materials.

You may have noticed a new banner on the right side for Over the Edge Tackle.  This is the online store site for Spirit River products.  Most of you should be familiar with Spirit River and their products.  They produce some great materials as well as flies.  Spirit River has agreed to be a sponsor of some upcoming giveaways and if you like to order materials direct from them, click on the link below.  Stay tuned for the Spirit River giveaway as I am still awaiting them.


  1. Great, Sprit River has some great products. I am partial to there fine dubbing. Over the edge tackle looks like they have some nice stuff.

  2. Perfect, Juan!!! I have struggled to find a place that I can find the entire Spirit River line of goods. Thanks. My wife thanks you for my constant requests to spend more money on fly stuff

  3. Spirit river has always been some of my favorites! Great job