Sunday, April 17, 2011

A kick off for the upcoming random drawings.

I've waited long enough to do this, so I am going to kick off the Hopper Juan free random drawings with a small giveaway.  We'll start things off with a random drawing of some fly tying materials.  I am going to give away a Hopper Juan material kit and a small amount of Glamour Madera material.  The Glamour Madera is an embroidery thread that is all the rage in Colorado and it's not found in the usual spots.  There are only a few places to get it and nobody knows where those are! It works well as an RS2 wing and is used in the "Top Secret Midge".  I know, this isn't much, but what I have in store is product from Montana Fly Company and Scott Fly Rod Company.  They are the sponsors for these giveaways. So stay tuned because they sent enough stuff to do several months worth of giveaways!  Here are just some of the items that will be offered in the future.

So here is the deal.  Leave a comment here and a name and let us all know what 3 rivers you think are the greatest in the world.  They can be your home river or one that you want to eventually get on.
I will take the first 25 comments and randomly draw from the 25.  Thanks and have fun!


  1. I have not come close to knowing all the rivers of the world so i am Gonna go with these three. San Juan, North Platte and The Yellowstone. Pat Thurman

  2. Provo
    Diamond fork creek

    Sure, I might have picked those for sentimental reasons.

  3. For whatever it is worth I like The Blackfoot, The Yellowstone, and The Clarkfork (home-water sympathy vote).

    Nate Taylor

  4. I have only been to the San Juan river till today. I am in Durango going to fish the Animas river. Then this summer it's going to be the South Platte.

  5. I would say my current home river, the S.P., the West Branch Delaware and the Salzach in Austria.

  6. Three Rivers: Poudre, North Platte, Yellowstone
    Not Surprisingly the Poudre for me.

  7. South Fork, Henry's Fork and due to location the Weber.


    San Juan (below the dam)
    Roaring Fork (after the days this spring)
    Piedra and San Juan above Navajo (great hopper and dropper water)

  9. Henry's fork, Teton river, and Silver Creek are my 3 favorites!

  10. Three of my home rivers: Davidson, Watauga, and S. Holston

  11. Provo River
    Henry's Fork
    Rock Creek, Montana

  12. River Soca in Slovenia
    Creek Kyll in Germany
    Creek Vockla in Austria

    These three I like to visit once a year if possible. For "us Europeans" a 6 hour drive is normal to get to an good trout and Grayling river.

  13. The World? You're crazy man. The south platte and the Taylor in CO, and the Russian River in AK.

  14. I think the three greatest rivers are:

    1.) Brazos River, TX
    2.) Devils River, TX
    3.) Gros Ventre, WY

    I like the Brazos because my dad and I used to do a bunch of fishing there when I was younger. The Devils is some place I've never been but has always been a dream. The solitude and mystery of the river make it tops on my list of "Rivers to Float." Finally, the Gros Ventre is where I caught my largest trout and gave me the idea that working in Wyoming might be fun. Three years later I took a job in Moran, Wyoming, just up the Jackson Hole Valley from there, and my time spent there brought me some of my most fond memories.


  15. Home river: Pere Marquette

    "Dream about" rivers:

    Kispoix - massive fish swinging down and dirty

    Bulkley - native steelhead on a dry fly, enough said.


  16. My favorite PA home waters

    - Penns Creek
    - Big Fishing Creek
    - Little J

  17. Here goes:
    #1 Some yet to be discovered stream in Kamchatka; it will make you best day of fishing look like a trip to Walmart.
    #2 The Lamar river during late season green drakes.
    #3 Middle Fork of the Salmon: best whitewater, backcountry, impossible to get a permit, dryfly fishing in the Lower 48..
    I didn't nominate the Juan because I know it too well, and its what you don't know that you dream about.
    -John Lopez, Santa Fe

  18. 1. The Frying Pan is possibly the most consistent river I've ever fished. Green drakes & pmds in August.
    2. Bighorn during hopper time. I love big water and big fish on big flies.
    3. I dream about fishing the Red Deer River

  19. 1. The South Fork - I grew up in Idaho Falls and learned a lot about life on that river.

    2. The Green - It is beautifu,l everyday I am not there I wish I was.

    3. The St. Joe - It is a special place of trees and westslope cutties.

  20. Thr Uwharrie, The Nantahala, and The Davidson, all in NC

  21. My three favorite are the ones I have fished recently, Taylor, the Gunnison and the Cimarron.

    Cool givaway stuff Juan!

  22. the blue close to home fishes well all year.
    the situk has monster anadromous fish each year
    the gunnison really want to be there for the stonefly hatch some day

  23. 1 Green River
    2 Yellowstone
    3 Price River

  24. Willow Creek
    Snake Canyon
    Smith Morrhouse

    All special since I share them with the fam. Not the best fishing, just the best memories


  25. We have a winner!!!!!!!!

    I will let you know first thing in the morning though. Gotta go to bed!

  26. Favorites are The Juan, Canyon Creek, and Tonto Creek.

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