Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flies tied at Anglers All Demo

I was asked by a follower of this blog to provide some of the flies tied at the Anglers All demo that I did this past Saturday.  Listed below are some of the flies I tied at the demo.  In every one of these demos, I try to gather all my materials and put them all together and run through to make sure I have everything for all the flies.  I always forget something!  On the Red Glossy Back Baetis, I didn't have the epoxy for the wingcase.  I forgot to take my marker for my new iStone's foam wingcases.  The marker that I used in place of the dark Brown was a reddish brown and looked a bit off.  I tied my Floss Back Emerger with a black thread rib instead of x-small black wire resulting in a broad rib.    Other than that, things went well.  Thanks to all who attended and for Anglers All for having me visit their fine shop.

 PMD Ice Emerger #20
 Slim Shady 
 Gray Floss Back Emerger #20
 Peacock Caddis #14
 Glossy Back Baetis--minus the glossy back! 
 Golden iStone

 Club Sandwich or Triple Decker

 Got legs?
 Hopper Juan #8


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  2. OK, so I removed the post because I was embarrassed. I misspelled two words in one comment. I'm bad, but that was just silly-bad. :)
    Those are very nice flies and nice of you to give out the recipes, too! Thanks!


  3. Really nice flies. I can see a few that are going to be added to my fly box.

  4. I really dig those golden stones. They really are a work of art. Nice job as always and thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks fellas. I hope to hear back from you guys about some success with a few of these patterns. Thanks!