Friday, August 6, 2010

New patterns available from MFC, Spring 2011

Montana Fly Company (MFC) is adding 5 of my patterns to their 2011 catalog and I'd like to share those with you.   I am honored to have fly patterns picked two years straight with them.  I believe that they are one of the hottest companies moving up in the fly fishing industry, if not the hottest.  Just take a look at their website here and see what products they have out.  From fly boxes to tying materials, they are adding innovative and useful products to it each year.  So the flies you ask, well here they are:

 Juan's Midge Ice Emerger 
This is a great fly to use during the winter or even during the trico hatches.  We all know that midges are in the water year round and the fish know that too.
 Juan's Chocolate Floss Back Emerger
This is a great fly to use during the BWO and PMD hatches.  I love to put this behind a parachute when the fish are eating emergers and will not take a dry or a deep running nymph.  By doing this, you can sight fish and watch the fish eat the fly.  

 Juan's Grey Floss Back Emerger 
Again, just as with the chocolate version, this one can be fished high to fish eating emergers, or it can be fished deep in a double nymph rig.  These are very versatile flies.  

Juan's Ice Emerger, PMD
The second in the Ice Emerger series, this one sports a yellowish wing bud of Ice Dubbing to represent the emerging body or the wings.  Fish may take this as a cripple or as an emerger.  It's up to them.  You can also fish it deep or behind a dry fly.  That's up to you.  
The Hopper Juan
Thanks to those fly shops that demanded that MFC carry this pattern so they could offer it to customers, it will soon be available to you.  I couldn't keep up with the demand and I only have one or two in my box.  I hope that this becomes one of your favorite flies.  I love to throw this thing all summer long and put a heavy nymph behind it like my Glossy Back and fish those areas where the nymph fishers just can't hit.  Oh, it also works well as a stonefly and a hopper.  It's just buggy and big and fish like it.  

These flies will be available this coming spring at your local fly shop if they carry MFC flies.  If not, just look up someone that does and order from them.  

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  1. Congrats,Looks like they are tying them correctly. After a year they still don't have the goldenstone nymph correct

  2. Very cool, MFC sounds like a company I need to check out.

  3. Has Duncan sent you samples that have met with your approval for likeness and exact materials used? If so, then they're in the AA line up. If not, please let me know after you've approved the samples. The pre-season ordering process is just around the corner, next 30-60 days to be exact.

  4. Gary,
    These are the photos that they sent to me. I have told them I approve of these. These are the catalog photos. GO ahead and order away! Thanks,