Sunday, February 14, 2010

Images from the 34th annual West Denver TU tying event.

Carl Pennington's razor stimi.
Got hoppers?
My Graphic Caddis.
Deward Yocum's realistic stonefly.  Awesome!

Rick Takahashi

Rim Chung tying his RS2.  Note the vise.
Larry Kingrey's
John Gordon's
My Copper John's.

Charlie Craven's Juju Midge.
Dennis Collier's Damsel.
Morrish Hopper.
Casey Dunnigan's awesome fly.
Carl's Razor Stimi.

Extended body Parachute Adams.
Nancy Cloos working on a Graphic Caddis.
Bob Dye's box.

My caddis pupa.
Bob Dye's.


  1. Juan,

    As always, I'm so jealous of your abilities. Is there any chance you can post a recipe for your dragon/damselflies? Looks like you were having fun this weekend. Thanks for any help you can offer.


  2. Ben,

    Those are not my Damsels. I assume that you are taking aboout the foam ones? But, they are pretty easy to tie. I beleave it is just the foam punched out with the damsel/dragon cutter and some poly wings. But I am not 100% sure that's all.

    Wish I had more.


  3. Sounds good. I'll have to mess around and see if I can tie some up. I found sparkle foam at a craft store that should really catch some sunshine and shine. I'll post some pics when I finish them. Thanks for your help.

  4. Hey Juan. It was great watching you tie this past weekend. Can't wait to break into the hopper pack and tie some up.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. Great photos - thanks for sharing. How about some info on your camera, lens, etc.

    Take care.

  6. Nice collection of flies. I really wish I could hit more shows like that.

  7. Sweet collection of flies and fun weekend with friends in town.

  8. "Great photos - thanks for sharing. How about some info on your camera, lens, etc."

    These were taken with a Canon 5D, which does not belong to me---yet. So, I really don't have much info for you since it was a loner camera. I love it though. Thanks to all for the nice comments. I figured you guys would like the pictures.