Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fishing......Finally Some Action

I was finally able to get out last Friday.  It had been a while since I last got out.  With all the tying classes, demos and the weekly demos at the shop, there wasn't time to get out.  I finally got the chance on Friday.  Where to go?  That is always the question I ask.  I am fortunate enough to have a few tailwaters to choose from in the winter.  This time I decided on the Deckers stretch of the South Platte River.  I had wanted to go to Cheeseman Canyon, but going in alone, I thought, might not be the best idea, espically in the winter.
On the way up, a friend of mine pulled along side of me and he was also on the way to Deckers.  I jumped in with him and off to Deckers we went.   The fishing was not great, but we did manage a few and "at least got the smell on our hands".  We mostly nymphed and it's not always my favorite form of fishing, espically if it is not sight fishing.   

Next, we headed downstream and ran into several rising fish and proceeded to have a good time throwing dries to the risers.   I managed a few on #18 Parachute Adams and my buddy Kent fooled some on Griffith's Gnats. 
Yea, it was a bit cold.

Notice the change from the bright white Simms truker hat to the more subtle winter cap?

This one was the last fish of the day.  It came on a #22 parachute. 
We are almost there.  The days of the BWOs.  My favorite hatch to fish---I think.  Maybe it's the Tricos, although not reallly a hatch, but a spinner fall. I won't sit here and argue which one is my favorite.  Just put me in front of one and I'll fish it.  Now that things are starting to wind down, hopefully I'll have more from the water.  More stories and more pictures.  Stay tuned. 

Oh, one more thing.  I am having trouble getting motivated to start tying again.  I can't seem to find what I need on my table. 


  1. A messy desk is well used!!! If you have a problem with all the clutter, scoop your whole desk into a trash bag and mail it my way. I am sure I can help clean things up :P

    Glad you could get on the water!

  2. where are the barbies and the my little ponies that are usually hanging out on your desk? ;)

  3. Looks like a good day on the water. Any winter day is good if your waders don't freeze and crack at the seems!

    I'm with you on the BWO's, I'm getting excited to see things start happening here in Gunnison. Pre-run off season is only weeks away!

    Funny thing Juan, I think I met you briefly at the Denver Fly Fishing Show??? Jay and I were there at our company booth (The Allen Brothers). I just put the two and two together.