Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jim Wallach, Tying Demo at Ghillies Fly Shop 11/14/09

These videos are best if you hit play and then immediately hit pause to let the video load a bit so it's not so choppy.

Jim Wallach, Fly tying Demo, Ghillies Fly Shop 11/14/09 from Juan Ramirez on Vimeo.
Jim Wallach tying the Sunken Trico/BWO at Ghillies Fly Shop tying Demo on 11/14/09. Ths is a fairly quick and easy fly to tie. It looks like a killer pattern for those picky fish.

Darlon Midge, Jim Wallach, 11/14/09 from Juan Ramirez on Vimeo.
Jim shows us one of his favorite patterns to use during the winter. It's an easy fly to tie.


  1. Thanks for the video post. Can you post the materials list. Thanks.

  2. Sure,

    Sunken Spinner :
    Hook - 20-26 TMC 2488, Dai-Riki #135, etc.
    Thread - Gordon Griffiths 14/0
    Tail - Pearl Krystal Flash
    Body - Tying Thread
    Wing - Medallion Sheeting
    Thorax - Stalcup Micro Fine
    Bead - 1.5mm Tungsten

    Darlon Midge
    Hook - 20-26 TMC 2488, Dai-riki #135
    Shuck, Body, Wing - Darlon ( color of choice)
    Thread - G.G. 14/0
    Thorax - Fine dubbing with ONE STRAND UV Ice Dub
    Bead - #15 Glass Seed Bead ( Hematite Color)


  3. forgot, rib onthe Darlon Midge is Fine Lagartun Wire. Overwrap the darlon body with thread as well.