Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rojo Midge and UV Pearl Jam Midge

These are on their way to the shop for you guys to purchase and catch fish on. I haven't been to motivated to crank out many flies lately, but I needed to get moving since it's that time of the year to throw lots of BWOs and midges. I also tied sparkle wing RS2s and Ice Emergers for the shop. Stop by and pick up a few the next time you go out.
One of my light bulbs went out so I am lacking light for good photos. I need to pick one up today.


  1. love the flies, on the rojo how do you make the body so slim? is the wire tied in under,side, top of the hook?

  2. Sorry for the late response to your question. I tie the wire in on the side to keep the slim body. It bulges out a bit, but not bad at all.



  3. Great blog! Your videos are excellent teaching tools. thanks, man.
    On the rojo, i've seen it tied in many colors. Is there a color you find particularly effective, particularly on tailwaters? also, since tmc 200R only goes down to 22, do you substitute another hook (like Dai-riki 270) and go even smaller or is rojo best in 20 & 22?


  4. Mark,

    I carry black and red in my box, but have tied them in many other colors. I try to remind my students that you can tie them in all colors, but don't get carried away and tie them all up and try to carry them all. Pick a few colors and give them a try. If you try to carry them all you are going to run out of space in your box or need to carry more boxes. Espically with midges. You can tie each pattern in 5 different colors and in 3 different sizes. Before you know it you have a full box and only one pattern! What about the 7 other patters you want to carry??? I always do good with red on the tailwaters and since most midges are black or dark, it is covered by the black color. Between those two I can have it safely covered.
    I tie them in # 20-22. The 200R or 270 hook is a good hook, but not a great hook. The smaller you go, the smaller the gap is. You might want to look at a Dia-Riki #280 hook that goes down to #20. It has a better gap than the 270. One other thing you might look at is switching over to a 2488 or 125 hook. You can go up in hook size and also gain a bigger hook gap for better hook-ups. I hope this helps and thanks for tuning in.