Saturday, April 25, 2009

Upcoming Fly Tying Classes, Ghillies Fly Shop

Upcoming Fly Tying Classes

All Classes are limited to 6 students. Cost is $25.00
Instructor: Juan Ramirez

April 10th BWO Lifecycle Class II
The second series of this class, featuring an all new line up of flies.
Come and learn how to tie the BH Glossy Back Baetis, Barr Emerger, Sparkle Wing RS2, CDC Loop Wing Emerger, CDC Low Rider and Poly Wing Compara Dun.

April 24th Tying Better Parachutes
Join us as we teach you how to tie a better parachute using different materials to make the best looking and most durable parachutes.

May 8th Stillwater Flies
Join us as we tie up some favorite Stillwater patterns. Learn to tie the BH Mini Leech, Callibaetis Nymph, Damsel Nymph and an Adult Foam Damsel.

May 22nd Favorite Dream Stream Patterns
The Spinney Mountain Ranch section of the South Platte can offer lots of fun and fish. These patterns have been tested and are some of our favorites to fish during the summer and into fall. The Graphic Caddis, Sparkle Wing RS2, Otter’s Eggs and Juan’s Trico Compara Dun.

June 5th Favorite Arkansas River Flies
After runoff, the fish are hungry and these flies will get you into lots of fish. Juan’s B.H. Glossy Back, B.H. Tungsten Hot Wired Prince, Shop Vac and the Foam Stoned Hopper.

June 19th Tying and fishing the Hopper Juan
Join us as we guide you through the steps of tying this awesome new fly. It will be summertime and hoppers will be out till late fall. Learn the original Hopper Juan and the Mini Hopper Juan, great for the smaller streams and lower water of fall.


  1. These are great classes. I always come out with a nugget of tying wisdom.

  2. Talked to Gary a week ago. Not sure if you were doing 19th class. He would be on vacation. Are you on for the 19th class? avril