Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Money Midge

It's not a new pattern.  I call it the Money Midge because of the price to make it.  Putting Tungsten beads on a TMC 2499SP-BL hook makes for a great pattern, but a costly one to produce.  This is one to go after if caught in a tree or snagged on a rock.  But it will catch fish.  I promise.  

Hook:  TMC 2499SP-BL #18
Thread:  MFC 8/0 Brown
Bead:  2mm MFC Lucent Bead, Coffee Color
Wire:  UTC Small Copper Brown
Dubbing:  Hareline Golden Brown Ice Dub


  1. Hi, Juan. Certainly understandable why you would call this the Money Midge. Still, though, a nice pattern. I am going to re-think this Tungsten Bead thing. Any other recommendations instead of Tungsten Bead for getting this little guy down?

    1. On this pattern, tungsten is the way to go. Depending on how you fish it, you could go with a brass bead, but tungsten is way more heavier and usually the better option. Better start saving up for these things though!