Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arkansas River 04/08/11

Arkansas River, CO
I was finally able to get out yesterday, the first time this year.  I used to be able to get out more, but right now my free days are filled with laundry, grocery shopping trips,  kids and fly tying demos.  My time on the river has been replaced with the time behind the vice.
I hit the Arkansas River with a couple of friends and it was pretty good.  The fish were eager to eat and there were even some BWOs coming off despite clear skies.  The wind wasn't as bad as I thought it would be although it was blowing all day.  The set up was a Hopper Juan on top, followed by a #14 Golden Stone and a #16 Royal Gorgeous Caddis (RGC).  The RGC was the early favorite with many fish eating it.  In a different stretch of water, the Golden Stone was the favorite.  As the day went on, I switched to an Ice Emerger as the last fly.  A few fish came on it, but the caddis was still the preferred fly, although my friends had success with a Barr Emerger.
The Three Amigos
The set up I used worked great on the water I was fishing.  I was usually running through knee deep water and both my bottom flies had tungsten beads to get deep.  I think this is the best way to fish the Arkansas River or any fast pocket water stream.  It's a lot of fun and I thought of switching to dries or a bugger yesterday, but they way I was fishing was producing so why not stay with it.  As summer rolls around, I hope to be able to provide more fish pictures and stories.  Today will be laundry day and grocery shopping day mixed in with some fly tying.  I am already planning the next trip!

A typical brown trout from the Ark. 

The Golden Stonefly

My Royal Gorgeous Caddis #16

#22 BWO Ice Emeger
I didn't tie this one. 



The Hopper Juan is a bit bigger and could take this dude.

My buddy Kent, wondering how to wind the reel when the reel is set up wrong! 


  1. Glad as heck you got to get out and put some of your bad a$$ flies where they belong!

  2. Nice! Glad you were able to get out. The Hopper Juan looks ready for anything that bee has in store...

  3. Josh,

    Yep, they worked just fine and they didn't fall apart! I lost a few, I even had one fish break me off. That usually does't happen on the Ark.


    That Bee was just showing off! Once he saw the HJ, he took off!

  4. Hi can you please tell me what fly is this one, and maybe where can i get a SBS of it or maybe better pictures? thanks