Sunday, February 28, 2010

Donation T.U. Fly Box

It's that time of the year for fly-fishing orginizations to hold their annual auctions for fundrasing.  This year, I was approached by our local Cheyenne Mountain Trout Unlimited Chapter and the Colorado Trout Unlimited to donate some flies.  I said I would donate a small box for each.  Here is the box that will be going to the Colorado T.U. auction.  Included are:  Club Sandwiches, Hopper Juans, Tung. Hot Wired Prices, Tung. Glossy Back Baetis, Baetis Ice Emergers, Wired Juju Midges, and Floss Back Emergers.  This should cover most hatches and may last all summer or maybe a trip or two depending on the user.  If you are interested in purchasing a box like this, please let me know at  

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  1. Donated about 12 dozen flies to Healing Waters last year. And a couple dozen to my local TU for a Rivers Conservation Camp. Keep up the good work.