Wednesday, April 29, 2009

D-Rib Caddis Larva

Tan/Chartreuse Caddis Larva

Hook: TMC 2488, Dia-Riki 125 size 12-16
Thread: Uni 8/0 or UTC 70, color to match body.
Body: Hareline D-Rib, medium
Wingcase: Scud Back or Thin Skin, black
Thorax: Black ostrich herl or dubbing picked out for legs

This is one of my new favorite patterns for the Arkansas River. It has worked well for me over the last few weeks. I sometimes put a bead on this, but it works just as well without. I do add weight onto the leader to get it down, or I trail it behind a tungsten beadhead nymph. I pumped a few fish earlier this year and they had a ton of these free living caddis in them. Most were a tan or cream color with others being a dirty olive. I have fished the tan more than the chartreuse and have had better success with it so far. I plan to tie some a little smaller to have for the South Platte hatches later this spring.

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