Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arkansas River 04/26/09

While the caddis are out and about, it's the BWO that still rules the water. Caddis have been heavier in the Canon City area and near Parkdale with water temperatures a bit higher. With the cooler weather comes the cooler water temps and that puts a halt on the major caddis hatch. I was in the Texas Creek area this weekend and found some caddis out, but the bigger fish came out after the BWOs that hatched late in the day. All it takes is a bit of cloud cover to get the little bugs out and the noses poking out for them. The fish are taking advantage of all the caddis larva and pupa in the water, so there are certainly opportunities to fish caddis all day long and have a good time. I didn't fish a caddis dry, although it was tempting. Most fish caught were on a Hot Wired Prince nymph in Chartreuse/olive color and a Tungsten BH Glossy Back Baetis nymph fished deep. I also had a few fish go after my Hopper Juan that held these flies up. Late in the day, I saw noses poking up to eat duns, I switched to a parachute. It was hard to see at first, so I switched to a Barr's Viz-A-Dun and that worked better.
I will be on the Arkansas again this Saturday helping a friend with his annual fly-fishing camp. Check here for more info. http://www.columbineflyfishers.com/id11.htmlers.com/id11.html. I would highly recommend this for beginner to intermediate fly fishers.
Until next time.

The Sangres and Arkansas River.

The Arkansas River Box. Lots of beads and lead.

Tungsten Hot Wired Prince. One of my favorites on this river.

My Ice Emerger worked well during the hatch. Fish were on emergers big time.

Nice size rainbow for the Ark. Solid fish about 14".

The D-rib Caddis Larva.

Pointing South.

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