Monday, October 5, 2015

BWO Stretch Emerger #24

It's amazing how quickly things change when Mother Nature decides it's time to change.  Just a few weeks ago we were still throwing hoppers and PMDs.  All of a sudden, over a couple of weeks, things changed and the food source went to BWOs and away from hoppers.  So far this Fall, I have been caught off guard with BWO hatches that I didn't have flies small enough.  They were eating a size 24, maybe a size 26 BWO.  Luckly, I have a few flies that small, but not exactly BWO looking.

The pattern listed below is an emerger.  I like fishing emergers before the hatch and even right through it.  Many fish will eat the emerger rather than the dun if presented right in front of their face. This pattern works well when you need a little flash to get the fish's attention.  It's a true guide fly, as it's easy to tie up a bunch.

Hook:  TMC 200R or similar. #18-24.  (#24=Dia-Riki 270)
Thread: Any small thread.  Olive Dun 8/0 used here
Shuck:  Amber Z-lon
Body:  Thread
Dubbing:  Any dry Fly Dubbing.  Trout Hunter Proffesional Dubbing used here.  Olive Brown.
Wing:  Glamour Madera, Pearl. Single strand.
Colors:  Olive, Gray & Brown

Tie in the shuck

Trip the shuck to length. Dub small ball in front of the wing

Tie in a strand of Glamour Madera

Dub another very small bit of dubbing to cover the wraps

Trim thread and whip finish

Trim wing rather short

Finished emerger.  Go fish it!

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  1. Thanks Juan! Thinking of heading to the San Juan Sunday and was going to tie a few of something up before.. this is perfect and I always have these materials on hand!.