Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Sharpen Razor Scissors

One day several years ago, I got home from work and sat down to tie some flies.  As I started, I picked up my rather new razor scissors and cut the thread.  Or at least I tried to cut it.  It merely folded over the blades.  WTF!? What happened to my scissors!  I yelled to my little girl who was about 5 years old then and asked her what she did to my scissors.  She said she din't use them, but told me that her mom did.  I asked her mom if she used them and she said she did.  She used them to cut out paper snowflakes.  I told her that they were ruined and wouldn't even cut butter.  I sat there for an hour trying to force them to cut thread but nothing.  They were shot.  As a last resort, I picked up a small file I had for hooks.  I ran the blade across the blades at an almost 90 degree angle.  I figured it was worth a try and when I cut with them, they felt like new!  I had saved them!  After that day, I have had to use that sharpener to touch up my blades from time to time.  The razor scissors are awesome, but one of the main complaints are that they don't stay sharp and become dull soon after using them. Using this method, I've been satisfied with the results.  Now, my blades are always sharp and my kids and wife know not to use them for arts and crafts.  The file I use is available at most stores and is only about $7.00.  It's a tool that will always be with me when I am tying.

How to Sharpen Razor Scissors from Juan Ramirez-Hopper Juan on Vimeo.


  1. Great job. Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

  3. Thanks Juan, I just sharpened 8 pairs of scissors. All sizes. They are now very sharp, thanks to you and your video. Thanks again.

  4. Awesome Lou! It's pretty cool huh? I am glad I could be of service to you.

  5. Hi Juan,
    Just got an EZE at a Sportsmans' in my area. Then I sharpened Razors. Even the one that I have been using for cutting heavy wires (over two years?) got recovered!

    Reading you story, I guess fly-tyers need to protect materials from pets and tool from spouses......

    Novice & Single - Satoshi

    1. Novice & Single Satoshi,

      I am glad you were able to recover the old scissors and that you were able to find the file. It makes a huge difference in how your scissors feel. Now, I expect you to tie more flies now that you will have sharp blades all the time!!

  6. I believe that scissors should be used to cut things like paper. What use is a pair of yidders that an only cut fancy feathers? :)

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