Wednesday, April 22, 2015


They are here on the Arkansas.  They have been around, but this week, I was there and they were too.  It was great.  Every fish in the river was up, eating and having a great time.  My clients were too.  They enjoyed throwing dries to splashing, greedy fish.  The wind was harsh at times when the caddis were out in full force, making the casting a bit difficult but skating the dry worked quite well.  If you are planing to hit this, make plans to be out within the next week or so as it will move upriver quickly.  Good flies were your basic Elk Hair Caddis as well as X-caddis in size 16 & 18.  Dropping a pupa would be wise as well.  My Royal Gorgeous was working very well.
 Check out the photos of the pupa.  Don't forget to include the BWOs as well as they are plenty and the fish are eating them in the mornings and afternoons.  Have fun and hit me up for additional info if you need.  Also check out Royal Gorge Anglers for more info.

I am trying really hard to get out!!!

Natural and artificial


  1. I was on the Ark today and it was as good as advertised!!

    1. It was fun right? I could use less wind, but we have to deal with it. I was near Cotopaxi. How about you?

  2. I love those little devils Juan. Thanks!