Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I am back!

I am back in business!  I got my computer repaired.  It only* cost me 1/3 of what it was originally quoted at.  It's good to have 2nd opinions.

I was at the West Denver TU Fly Tying event this past weekend.  It was a good time as usual, but I was a bit disappointed at the turnout.  It's been hard getting people to attend events when the weather has been late spring like and there are other things to do like mark off a few chores off the honey-do list.  I had a tying demo last week, or at least tried to do a demo last week in Denver.  It was 75 degrees.  Can you guess how many people showed up?

Hopefully I have more videos posted up as well as photo step by step along with more product reviews on this blog this year.  Stay tuned and thank you for sticking around!

Nancy Cloos-Nettell twisting up some bugs
Casey Dunnigan's Dunn Dunn
Dunn Duun

The Man