Thursday, July 3, 2014

Modern Terrestrials: Tying & Fishing the World's Most Effective Patterns

Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubbka have a new book available for you tying guys.  Building off the popularity of Modern Midges, they have just recently completed Modern Terrestrials.  It includes many patterns of terrestrials from tiers all around the world.  I am proud to have several patterns included.  Make sure to pick up your copy soon.  Last time, Modern Midges was backordered for a while.  You can order it off of Amazon or check with your local fly shop.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm sure this book will be another outstanding work by these two gentlemen. Do you know of any opportunities to get this new book signed by Rick and Jerry? I was able to get Modern Midges signed by both, but can't remember what fly shop I coordinated that with. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Jeff. You can check with any of the fly shops in Ft. Collins or Denver as they will be making the rounds doing the signing and demos of the book. I don't know when out will be available. Thanks!

  3. Excellent! Rick was my art teacher in high school. So glad to see he's still cranking out quality fly-tying wisdom.