Sunday, February 23, 2014

Arkansas River Guiding

After a few years talking and trying, I will be available to guide on the Arkansas River.   Royal Gorge Anglers owner Taylor Edrington and I have tried in the past, but things never have quite worked out.  This year, we both hope to have some trips booked.

If you would like to book a trip on the Arkansas, you will have to go through Royal Gorge Anglers to do so.  Please click HERE to go to their site.

I am excited for the Spring season and would love to show you some water and some productive ways to fish it.  Generally, starting in late February, the stoneflies start moving around as well as the baetis nymphs.  As March rolls around, there is more action as more bugs start moving and BWOs start hatching after mid-month.  When April rolls around, the BWOs are popping, the Stoneflies are still moving and the caddis larva are pupating and preparing to make their journey into adulthood..   Things only get better as the month rolls into May.  Adult caddis, adult BWOs and lots of Stonefly nymphs are available to fish everyday.  As late May rolls around, run-off puts an end to all the fun for a while.  Soon after, the bugs and fish are at it again-for the rest of the summer!  
Don't forget that the Arkansas River has been designated as Colorado's newest Gold Medal water!  I've know for a while that it was worthy, it just took them a while to designate it as so.

I usually limit myself to the area between Cotopaxi on the west and Parkdale to the east.  This covers about  20 river miles.   All my trips are walk/wade trips.

If you have been waiting to get on this river, why not now?  If you would like to learn from me, please note that I have a full time job and I am limited to the weekends unless I know in advance and can make time to get out during the week.

I'd love to get you on the Ark. and chase some wild fish!

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  1. I hope this will be the year Juan. I've missed the Ark the past couple of years but if I'm around I'm coming.