Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Slim Shady Baetis V3.0

Version 3.0.  This is not the V5.0

I've been messing around with this pattern for a while now.  You may remember it as Juan's Baetis, or the 719 Baetis.  I really didn't have a good name for it, but it fished well.  It's a fairly easy pattern to tie as there are only a few materials.  I like to fish this early and late in the year when more baetis nymphs are in the current.  If you tie this in a larger size, say size 14-16, it can pass as a small stonefly.   Just change the colors to match what you need it to look like.
I'll be tying these in Denver this weekend, so stop by and I'll show you how to tie them.
The Family

Holographic Black

Holographic Bronze

Holographic Red

Holographic Purple

Slim Shady Baetis V 3.0
Cream, Holo. Fuchsia, Bronze, Holo. Purple

Hook:      MFC 7002 #18-22
Thread:   MFC 8/0 Cream, Black, Red & Brown
Body:      MFC 8/0, Cream Thread. MFC Holographic High Voltage Holo.  Black,  Holo. Red, Bronze and Holo. Purple
Rib:         Hareline Ice Thread, Brown or Black                                                                                          
Wingcase/Legs:  Spirit River Fluoro Fibre, Brown or Black.  12 strands split on both sides for legs.
Tail:         Hareline India Hen Back, Natural Brown, well mottled.  Back hen for Holo. Fuchsia or Pheasant Tail.


  1. Juan,
    Great looking pattern. going to twist up some for this comong March Baetis hatch