Thursday, September 12, 2013

Interesting..... Fly company feud

I post this because it is interesting not because I am involved in any way.  We'll see what shakes out in the coming weeks with this issue.  I will post the links here.


In our continuing effort to address and alleviate the fly shortage
 that is affecting our industry, we have entered into a long-term
agreement with a well-established fly factory in the Philippines.
This marks the third new factory addition for Umpqua in three years.
“It’s no secret 2013 has been difficult due to the failure by fly
suppliers to meet industry demand. Umpqua takes this very seriously
and will continue to aggressively follow our expansion plans to
meet the industry’s needs.” said Jeff Fryhover, President & CEO.
“We were very fortunate when this well established, high
quality factory contacted us a few months ago. Unfortunately,
they had been left in a very difficult position and our new
partnership will enable them to continue focusing on tying
great quality flies and enable Umpqua to focus on meeting
the needs of the industry and helping dealers get back to
healthy inventory levels.” said Fryhover.
Umpqua will begin distributing flies from their new Philippine
 partner as early as October.


  1. It's never more apparent that we live in a dog eat dog world than in bad economic times.

  2. Very sad. Those small established fly tiers in the USA have lost out. Its the same in England we simply have no independent fly tiers in the UK anymore, none.

  3. WTF are you on about fishermanrichard. Umpqua was one of the originals to bring tying overseas. If they were employing tiers in the US we would all be paying $6 or more a fly. The advent of production tying in SE Asia has helped supply the demands of an ever hungry fly fishing market. This article refers to Umpqua buying Idelwyldes Phillipine production facility (somewhat of a low blow) They basically ripped off Idelwyldes pattern catalogue and are undermining the research and development of Idelwyldes signature tiers etc. Sleazy if you ask me but then again I don't know the full story.