Saturday, August 31, 2013


The PMDs in 11 Mile Canyon have been pretty good.  This pattern has been money on the picky fish there.  It's a simple pattern, basically a floating Barr Emerger.  If you are looking for a great little pattern, give this one a try.

The Floating Barr Emerger type fly that catches fish

Hook:  TMC 2488 #18-#20
Thread:  8/0 cream
Tail:  Brown spade hackle fibers, cut
Body:  Olive brown Superfine Dubbing
Post:  Dun or white colored Para Post/Poly/EP Fibers/ect...
Hackle:  Dun neck or saddle, sized to match
Thorax:  PMD Superfine



  1. Fished the Frying Pan a week ago and did great with the PMD!

  2. Hey Juan, Does this pattern work for BWO's and tricos as well, by changing the colors and size?

    I tied up some of your 180 trico spinners and tried them out. The hatch was not too good, but it worked fine. I could really see it and it was a simple tie. Just thought I would share.