Monday, December 3, 2012

Sage ONE v. Orvis Helios 2

As most of you may have figured out already, I am a fan of fly rods.  I love to compare and see what others think about different rods.  In all this study and self data collection, I have come to one conclusion:  If you ask 10 guys what they think of a certain rod, you will get 13 answers!

Here is a great comparison of two great rods, the new Orvis Helios 2 and the established Sage One.   I think both are great rods, but I would like to see where the Hardy Zenith would rank in this particular comparison.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it thought of as a better all around rod than either one of them.  I have only spent only 2 minutes with the ONE on the water and zero time with the H2.  I hope to get both the Hardy Zenith and the H2 out together soon to see what I think.  I'll let you know.
Check out the link HERE!

Thanks to Headhunters for taking the time to do this.
EDIT:  The link is gone as Headhunters lost all their data this summer.  


  1. I believe the Hardy would win... but for an interesting comparison why not put an Echo that is 1/3 the price against these wallet busters...Myself I would buy a nice Scott...

  2. I have never held an Echo. I would like to, but there is not a place around here that carries them. The Scotts can hold there own but they need to put something new out soon. The other companies are cranking them out. I did cast the new Winston BIII SX yesterday and it was quite a mess to me. It was very heavy and awkward. Not a winner for sure.

  3. Juan,

    I hear ya on Scott coming out with something new to stay with the competition. I will say this, the S4S is still my go to for chucking meat even though everyone seems to prefer the One, Zenith or Helios rods. It just flat out is a joy to cast and gets the job done. Not sure I can part or upgrade it, I like it that much.

    I kind of agree with Fish Tales, somebody needs to start comparing the middle of the road price points with some of the higher end stuff. At the end of the day, your casting style and budget play way more into the final say.

    Good stuff either way, great blog as always. Be well.


    1. I hear that there will be a new S5 this July. We shall see. I love the S4 for throwing streamers, particularly the 6 wt. that thing is a cannon. There are so many good, middle of the road, rods out there now, it would be a great comparison. The under $200 rod comparison would be great too since that is the most sought after rod market.