Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 Colorado Snowpack and Comparison

When you look at last year's total, which was almost 3 weeks further down the road, to this years totals, it is mind-blowing to recall that it was still collecting up high this time last year.  I was at the base of the South Fork of the South Platte River drainage and there is not a lot of snow up there.  Runoff is going to be small this year and hopefully people will start to conserve water.  The fishing has already been great, due to these lower flows, but I hope that changes with rainfall this summer, otherwise we and the fish will be in another bad situation.  Also included for your viewing pleasure is the snow pack totals from 2005 to 2012.  Let me know what your thoughts are and how things are in your neck of the woods.  


  1. I'm very concerned for our trout here in Arizona. We have had well below normal snowfall in the high country. Lakes are all down and some winterkill has already been observed.

  2. Looking like a rough year out west. I'm concerned about the fire potential. Guess we can hope for an early monsoon this summer... This has been an unusual year just about everywhere. We are already seeing mid to late summer like water levels on area small streams here in Tennessee. Hoping for consistent rain this summer or we will be hurting as well...