Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The KF Emerger

Krystal Flash Emerger
This is the second posting of this video.  I feel that this is such a good pattern, why not share it again.
My buddy Greg Faught ties this pattern and showed it to me several years ago.  It has it's roots on the San Juan River, but has been productive everywhere I have fished it.  Give it a try, as it is effective and easy to tie.


  1. I tie stuff just like this all the time and they work so well during the winter here in PA. Nice video.

  2. I've been following your blog for quite a time. Your flies look effective. I tie similar flies for my fishing in danish, swedish and norwegian streams and lakes... but I'm allways looking for new or different ways of tying.Nice blog!

    Tight lines
    Søren,Løkken, Denmark.

  3. Great pattern and like you say easy to tie. I've used a camel colored pattern like this on Missorie River in MT.

  4. looks like the k.f. flasher which comes from the juan as well, maybe the same fly

  5. love this fly. I actually tie kf wingbuds into almost half of every midge pattern i do. I really like tying them in as a loop instead of with free ends sticking out... sometimes it looks like wings breaking the husk