Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wonder Pupa

Building on the previously posted pattern of the Wonder Larva, this pattern steps it up a bit and covers your bases when the caddis start emerging and you need a pupa pattern.  The body is still the same as the larva, utilizing the MFC Wonder Wrap or similar.  The major addition is the wing buds and the antenna to suggest the pupal stage of the caddis.  I add the Medallion Sheeting wings by cutting a strip of 1/4" wing material and twisting them to form a tie down point and tying them in behind the bead.  I then add some antenna using either wood duck, pheasant tail material or even some Floure Fibre or Organza material.  Do you need the antenna?  No, but it sure helps to make this pattern look good and fancy.  Add some legs with some hen back fibers, which helps get the pupal look.  The dubbing covers the tie in of the wings and antenna and legs and then shape the wing buds using your scissors.  
When the fish start looking for the pupa, this is a good pattern to have.  This is a great companion to the Wonder Larva and having a few in the box is always a good idea.    

Hook:  Scud hook 12-18
Thread:  Color to match body.  
Bead:  Black on Chartreuse and gold on Amber
Body:  Chartreuse or Amber/Tan Wonder wrap or similar
Antenna:  Wood Duck, Phesant Tail, or Sparkle Organza
Wings:  Brown Medallion Sheeting
Legs:  Hen Hackle
Thorax:  Brown or black rabbit dubbing or similar buggy dubbing


  1. Great looking Pupa, excellent tie!

  2. The first one looked great, this is like adding tomato and bacon to a cheeseburger. Hmmmmmm....cheeseburger.

    1. Bacon're killing me!

  3. Always a treat .. thanks for always posting such beautifully tied flies!

  4. Amazing how you do this...umm, cheeseburger!

  5. That'd be a mean little bug right there!...
    nice job!

  6. Excellent pupa! That pattern would rock on most of the Sierra waters. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great pattern, I really like the wings!