Monday, December 19, 2011

Tungsten Golden iStone

Tungsten Golden iStone

Hook:      MFC 7231 or TMC 2302 #10-12
Bead:       MFC Lucent Coffee Tungsten Bead, 2.7mm
Thread:   UTC 70 Yellow or MFC 8/0
Underbody:  .20 lead laid on the sides or lead tape.
Body:      Nature’s Spirit Amber Emergence Dubbing.
Rib:             Small Copper Wire
Shellback:  Medallion sheeting or MFC Gold Silly Skin
Tail:           Gold Goose Biots
Thorax:    Nature’s Spirit Amber Emergence Dubbing or similar.
Wings:      Brown Hen Back
Wingcase:  Computer Packing Foam Colored with Dark Brown Marker. I use foam from an Apple iMac.  Dell or HP foam would work as well.   Cut with #18 Caddis Wing Cutter.  

Available from Montana Fly Company, Winter 2012.


  1. Great pattern! Here in east Tennessee we have excellent numbers of golden stones and their nymphs have inspired some of the regions most successful patterns. I'll give this one a shot I think...

  2. Love it! That has some serious realism in it, without looking to be overly complicated to tie! Wing pads are sweet.

    Do you ever just wrap the lead and then flatten the body when the fly is done with flat faced pliers? We do that with our sow bugs, but I can see the advantage of lead on the sides.

  3. Hey Juan, You need to make a video (or do you have one already) of this pattern. I think there are some steps that have some subtle techniques that would be best shown on a video. Your other videos are great. Just a thought, Jerry

  4. All killer no filler!