Friday, October 14, 2011

Orvis Top Ten Flies for the Southern Rockies

I was wondering what ever happened to that little "Top Ten Flies" bit I did earlier this summer.  Yesterday I got the e-mail from Phil Monahan, the news editor for Orvis News.  It made it to the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog.  Take a look.  What other patterns would you add to this?


  1. I saw that over there Juan. Nice work. You are the freaking man.


  2. I saw your article on the Orvis Blog. Nice work!! I agree with your choices. I fish these patterns regularly. Jerry

  3. Ben-in this house, yes, but still working on it on the stream.
    Nate-I like 6mm stuff.
    Jerry-Thanks for all the kind words over the years. I and others, appreciate it. See you soon!

  4. Patterns that I am not responsible for, in no particular order...

    1) Legit OG style RS-II

    2) Barr Emerger

    3) Copper John

    4) San Juan worm

    5) Brassie/Poison Tung

    6) Black Beauty

    7) Stimulator or foam hopper (cheating, yes I know)

    8) peg-egg

    9) beatis nymph (du jour)

    And, for those who simply must catch fish, no matter the cost...

    10) black wooly bugger

    If I had the latitude to include them, I am rather partial to Faerie Circus and Wolverines as attractor patterns.


  5. Shaun,

    Great list. It's hard to pick just 10, but I could pick and fish them all year long and do just fine. I would hate to, but I could.