Friday, August 19, 2011

Need hoppers?

If you guys are looking for the Hopper Juan fly, there are many places you can get a hold of them. You can find them in several of the Denver and Colorado Springs area fly shops or you can order them through Dream Drift Flies. The link to Dream Drift Flies is to the right on the side bar. Look for the "Buy Hopper Juan Flies" button and it will take you right to my page of flies. As for the shops, Anglers Covey in Colorado Springs has them in stock, Anglers All, Discount Fishing Tackle, Trout's Fly Shop, & The Denver Fly Shop in Denver all carry the Hopper Juan. So if you need some, give them a call or stop by and pick some up.
The Hopper Juan is available in size 8-12.


  1. I do like your hoppers Juan. I thought you were having a give-away. Do you know if anyone around the Boulder area carries them?

  2. Opps, sorry about that. I can only give one away. That will leave me with one to use on the next trip.

    I don't know if anyone in Boulder carries them. Check with RMA. They might have some, but I don't know.



  3. Caught a 19" chubby cutbow on the DS last week with the HJ. Great fly Juan.