Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Tying Video: The BDE

Ben Furmisky ties up one of his signature patterns.  In this video, Ben ties a larger size BDE.  The BDE is a great pattern that can replace a lot of your more complicated patterns in your box.  A simple fly to tie and one that works this will be one you want to carry this summer.  Ben was gracious enough to tie his dry fly patterns for me when I asked him. He tied four patterns.  Those videos will be posted once I finish editing them.

Tying the BDE from Juan Ramirez on Vimeo.
Ben Furmisky's BDE pattern. This pattern can cover almost all mayflies and can take the place of those patterns that are unused and in your box just in case. Ben is a member of the Montana Fly Company design team and is one of the best tiers out there. Ben is also the Co -Director for "The Fly Fishing Show".


  1. Appreciate the video. The only question I have is the technique for twisting the dubbing right before the zap a gap. Perhaps it is in the green drake bde you were indicating was going to be posted. Thanks again - it is a great pattern for the drakes!!!!

  2. bluskyd,

    I think that Ben mentions it in the video. A simple snap and twist is all he does to get the material shaped the way he wants it to be. Hope this helps.