Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The RS2-Revisited

My posts on the RS2 have been getting a lot of looks ever since they were posted.  It seems like there is a lot of interest in tis fly especially the further East one goes.  I wanted to share another tip that I use to tie one style of the RS2.  By using Whiting Farms Chick-A-Bou, this makes a great wing for the fly.  I tie this fly many different ways but have settled on using this style for the flies I tie for my box and for others.  I am not posting a complete step by step here, but just a few photos of what I do to get the wing sized and tied in. Please excuse the blurred photos.  I was in a hurry to get this completed with the time I had to get it done.  :)
The product.
This is a natural color as far as I can tell.
A single feather from the skin. Strip the short fibers at the base of the feather and use the longer fibers for the wing.
Pull a few fiber from the stem.
Gather the fibers and pinch off the tips.
To get them to look like this.  
Tied in bundle.
Make sure you do not leave a big space behind the eye.  Otherwise, you will have a long front portion to your flies.  I like a short, nice taper in front of the wing.  
I use a half of a double sided razor blade for a very close cut.  Make sure you break the razor in half because it's very easy to get cut as I found out.  
This makes a very close cut that scissors cannot make.  
See, what did I tell you?  A clean, close shave.  
Not the same fly, but the finished fly.  Lots of movement in the wing for below the surface use.  


  1. Nice tie...I fish this pattern alot. I have only used chickabou when experimental soft hackles. Thanks for a new use..

  2. I have tied this fly but with the trouthunter brand CDC. the really thick stuff.

  3. Good looking bug! Actually if you go back to the beginning when Rim was first messing with this pattern he used the fluff from the base of a hen's hackle for the wing. The Chic-a bou should give an identical action and I'd be willing to bet it will out fish the synthetics.

  4. Those things don't work, you should probably just give those to Gunks.

  5. The CDC wing is also a good choice for these flies. I tie them tha way also but this is cheaper:)
    MM-I think Rim is still using his hen necks for the wing. I noticed a well plucked skin last time I saw him tying. I like this material as it is basicly the same as the fluff and it has great movement in the water. Kinda like having a short bugger tail up there as the wing.
    Anonymous-I don't think Gunks will fish those. They are not tied on a TMC 2488 or TMC 2499 hook. He's kinda weird that way if you know what I mean. And they are not a completely synthetic material fly. Not sure how they will fit in in his box?