Monday, August 17, 2009

Ever wonder what a fly would look like with a bead head?

Now I know the reason why I put a bead on my flies. Because the real bugs have helmets on their heads. This bug almost looks fake. Arkansas River, 2008


  1. Amazing, isn't it? Now I wonder if we try to imitate bugs or bugs just imitate our flies. How could this nimph get that helmet??? It's so shiny. There could be gold?? No one knows.
    Greetings, Fernando.

  2. More to the point I wannna know what is that slimy lookin thing it's stuck on? Ewwww. Takes a professional fly fishing son by law to look beyond that to the wonder of the fly with a hat on! You are amazing and this site is amazing!

  3. They have large heads (the helmet) because of their large eyes. I do believe each eye has about a 180 degree view window. A brass or silver bead imitates this nicely. Notice also, the wingcase is very much like crystal flash. I've always wondered if a flashback-beadhead was overkill. I guess not.