Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wonder Larva

Chartreuse Wonder Larva

Amber Wonder Larva

I came up with this little caddis pattern a few years ago for fishing the Arkansas River in Colorado.  The Ark is one of my favorite places to fish.  The fish are not generally big, but they are plentiful and pretty much eat anything you throw at them.  The Ark has tons of caddis and the fish have access to them year around.  This is a simple pattern only using a couple of materials.  Simple fish usually don't require complex patterns, but I am a fly tier and tend to think so.  This pattern utilizes a material called Wonder Wrap.  Wonder Wrap is a Montana Fly Co. material and is very similar to span flex, sexy floss or any of the other stretchy materials out there.   You can simply substitute to get what you need. All I do is slap a bead on a scud hook, wrap the Wonder Wrap down to the bend and build a thick-ish body and tie off near the bead.  I then finish it with some black or dark  dubbing behind the bead.  I tie these in two colors.  Chartreuse and a tan or cream color.  If you want to spice it up a bit, hit the back of the fly with a marker to form a darker back strip.   They are a great option to go to when the caddis are around, which is every day!

The results of a simple pattern.

Hook:  Scud hook 12-18
Thread:  Color to match body.  
Bead:  Black on Chartreuse and gold on Amber
Body:  Chartreuse or Amber/Tan Wonder wrap or similar
Thorax:  Brown and black rabbit dubbing or similar


  1. That looks like a great fly. Does the wonder wrap come in red?

    1. Gary, It does come in red. I don't know what shade of red, but it does come in red.

  2. Thanks Juan, I'll be tying some up for the Ark as well.

  3. Always fun to see a new pattern, and try new materials!

    Thank You ... Jim

  4. Luv that dark back combo. Need to try these out! Mike

  5. Have you used black ostrich hero for collar to give legs that flow in the current?

  6. Love this pattern! I've been wanting some more easy caddis larva patterns to experiment with and this one looks like a winner...

  7. Juan-
    Love the look of this thing...the amber looks like it could be deadly for up here. Thanks for sharing--awesome stuff as usual!

    Jake Ruthven
    Fins on the Fly

  8. Very nice, Juan. Do you have a preference for the scud hook with eye up or down as shown in the pics?

  9. Sweet fly and easy to tie. I won some MFC Tentacles at a charity thing over the weekend and I'm wondering how to use them. They're royal blue and very similar to the Wonder Wrap. Any ideas?