Thursday, May 7, 2009

Somedays I find more flies than I lose.

I found a small box of flies on the river a few weeks ago. There were a dozen new flies that someone bought and they were probably the only flies that they had, and they left them lying on the ground for someone to find. I walked right up to them and saw them and since it was pretty early in the morning, I figured that no one was around to claim them. I doubt I will ever use them, but I may just donate them or maybe just give them to some one who responds to this blog with an address. There are 4 BH FB phesant tails #16, 4-Blue duns #18, and 4- parachute Adams # 14.

Last year, I saw a fly box floating down the S. Platte near Deckers and I scooped it up with my net. I thought that I would turn the box into the guys at the local fly shop in case someone stoped by to ask, but when I opened up the C&F box, there were only 8 flies inside. I kept the box and am currently using it, so it was a good find. If it was full of flies, I would have posted on various BBs letting people know in case it was theirs. There are only a few days a year that I can say that I returned from fishing with more flies than I took to the river.

Do you want these? Send me an address.


  1. juan, I never find things here at home (east tennessee), but out west ... 2 years ago my fishing partner found a net and a box full of flies on the same day. I found a nalgene bottle a few days before that. last year, I found an SA waterproof box on the S. Platte. It only had one fly in it (a crappy looking chernobyl ant), so I took it home and sold it on ebay for $10. love your blog by the way, and look forward to future posts. My buddy and I have done extended trips to CO the past few years and will be out there doing a month long fishing tour in june.

  2. also.... you got any good salmonfly patterns?

  3. what luck, you found my flybox! please send it to me as soon as possible, I really want to go fishing and my wife won't let me replace all those flies again!

  4. Damn nice patterns you have there Juan!! Solid.

  5. Trevor,

    Did you get my resonse to your question?

  6. Pat,

    Thanks for the compliment. I will post more.


  7. Shamaree,

    It's on my desk. When you get up in the morning, take a look.