Monday, June 2, 2014

Hopper Juan Tying Kits

Hopper Juan kits are again available for purchase!  They include hard to find materials to tie 6 Hopper Juans.  Included are 6 hooks, size #8, 12 pre-cut foam bodies, 6 pre-cut over wings, rubber legs and indicator material.  You will need the thread, elk hair, super glue and krystal flash.  The kits cost $5.00 per + shipping.  Please e-mail me at if you would like to purchase some kits.  I accept Pay-Pal.


  1. Juan, I just got my kits and they are really a great value! Plus, having everything right there together - all the major components - it's going to be super easy to add some elk hair and sparkle and create some awesome hoppers. Thank you for doing this! I can't wait to tie some up!

    1. Owl, glad you got them and I am glad you are going to be throwing some soon and will have some great photos too right??