Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Foam Wing RS2

All of a sudden it's September!  Where did the summer go?  As we head closer to Fall, it's time to think about the BWOs.  BWOs are my favorite hatch of the year.  While I make sure I have plenty of dries with me and try to get out on those nasty days, I usually end up fishing more nymphs and emergers to fish than the actual adults.  As many of you know, the RS2 is one of my favorite flies to tie and to fish.  It just works and the fish don't mind eating it.  The pattern below is a Foam Wing RS2.  There are many different variations of this fly and they all work.  This is just one of the variations.   Tie this just as you would a regular RS2, just replace the antron or fluff wing with white foam.  Tie some up and give them a try and let us know how you did.

Hook:  TMC 101 18-24
Thread: 8/0 Gray
Tails:  Mayfly Tails (microfibetts)
Dubbing:  Superfine
Wing:  White Evazote foam cut to size with a razor
Thorax:  Superfine Dubbing


  1. Mike Johnston, PA Fly FishersSeptember 4, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    Im just curious. There doesn't seem to be enough foam to float the pattern in the film so if that's the case, does this version fish any differently that a fly tied with the original fluff wing?

  2. Mike,

    This pattern isn't necessarily a surface emerger, but more of a general emerger. You are right that there is not enough foam to float this fly in the foam, but rather it represents the bugs emerging wings or wing buds. I don't really ever see white wings on flies, but they work. The foam also helps to suspend the fly a little higher in the water column. Dropped behind a dry fly, it will float just under the film where the emergers get stuck or even a few inches below the surface where the fish are eating the emergers that are ascending to the surface . As for fishing differently than the fluff wing or antron wing, I do think that it gives the fish a different profile. The wing does not collapse along the body like a fluff wing does. It is rigid and the color contrast lets it stand out more so than say a medium dun wing does. I feel that the white wing is a trigger on this fly. I have had good days on this type of pattern, but it does not get tied on as much as the antron wing or the fluff wing. There are always times for certain flies and that is why I tie and carry this one.

  3. This fly is awesome, it can be fished right on the bottom or higher up. In fact Rim Chung considered the original RS2 a deep-fished nymph as well. The foam-wing RS2 is a fish taking machine! I highly recommend a thread body, pearl krystal flash forked tail and tying it in gray, olive and rusty thread. I can't say enough about how effective this fly is, who knows why, but it kills.

  4. FlyFishJJA,

    Yep, that thing is a great little thing. Sounds like you have had some fun with this pattern. How about some photos? I'll post if you send to me.