Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rods I like

When heading out for a trip to the river, I usually try to think ahead to the weather conditions and bug activity when choosing what rod(s) I want to take.  Like many of you, I love to throw dries.  Whenever I get the chance, I take at least one of my "softer" rods with me.  There are those days that you know you are going to be slinging lead all day long and trying to get down where the fish are hanging out.  Those are the days where only my stiffer, heavier rods are packed up and taken.  During the spring, summer and fall, I always take one of my Scott G or G2 series rods with me. This is my dry fly rod.  Now, don't get me wrong, these rods can sling the lead just fine, but when you have options, I go stiffer in the wind and with the lead.  Scott G series and their newly updated G2 series rods are very similar in feel with the latter being "updated" recently.  This means "a tad bit stiffer".  The G2 series is just as fine as their predecessor, the most notable difference is the reduction in overall weight.  The G series rods were in production for nearly 30 years and is the benchmark for  a "dry fly rod".
If I know the BWOs will be out on the South Platte, I like to take a 9'4wt. G or a 8'8" 4wt G2.  For caddis on the Arkansas, I like a 9'5wt G.   I could go on and on with different conditions and rods, but given the hard question of which rod to take to the Arkansas or S. Platte River, it would be a 4wt.  Which one, I can't tell you.  Just give me one!  
9' 4wt Scott G Series, Rio Grande River, New Mexico

For the smaller creeks, I prefer the 2 and 3 wt. rods. Since moving to Colorado, I have used these less as I fish the bigger waters more often. These smaller rods are special to me as I fished these the most while in New Mexico casting over Rio Grande Cutthroats and wild browns in the Cimarron River.  

8'8" 3wt Scott G2, East Fork Jemez River, New Mexico 

The question I always ask my self is "which one rod would I keep if I could only keep one"?  Well I don't think I could ever answer that question.  It would be the one that I have in my hand at that time.  And it will be a Scott.  

Scott G2 Rods
Scott G2.  8'8" 6wt.  I wouldn't mind having this one.  



  1. Hey Juan, my wife and I are in the market for a 4wt rod, at the very least ;-) At the Anglers All clave we tried all the brands, Sage, Hardy, Winston etc. We tried a couple of the Scott G series and got blown away. What is a sweet stick man! Another thing I like is that they are made in Colorado. I know we live in a sophisticated interconnected global ecoonomy and all. But for this simple fly fisherman I like the idea that I can drive up to where something I buy is made and talk to the people who make it.

  2. I hear you about that. Those boys over in Montrose love to fish also.
    They got a good river to try out the prototypes on as well. Good guys I tell ya.

  3. That was my last post, just signed in as my wife. :)