Monday, December 1, 2014

Spotted on the google webs.....

Looks like I have a good looking follower out there!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Who says it has to be Black Friday?

Black Friday, I mean Adam's Gray Friday.
I heard it was Black Friday, but I stayed in and tied a variety of patterns today, making it an Adams Gray Friday.

Hook:  TMC 100
Thread:  Gray 8/0
Tails:    Microfibbets
Body:  Natural Gray Goose Biot
Post:  Natural CDC
Hackle:  Whiting Dark Dun Neck Hackle
Thorax:  Adams Gray Superfine

Hook:  TMC 101
Thread:  Veevus 16/0 or MFC 8/0, Yellow or PMD color
Tails:  Mircofibbets
Body:  PMD Superfine 
Wing:  Natural Gray CDC tips

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tiemco 16/0 Thread

Sad news for those of you out there who have grown to love this thread.  It's being discontinued by Umpqua.  I only had a few spools of this thread and wanted more.  My plan was to buy a ton of it before it became a problem in the future.  I was just a bit late and now I have to move on.   How many times has that happened to you?  I'd try to go grab as much as you can that exists in shops near you.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014

Thank you.

There are many Veterans out there who fish and hunt and I just want to say thanks again for all that you do and all you have done.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Mercury RS2

The Mercury RS2 is one of my staple patterns in my box.  It passes for so many bugs and does it really well.  It often comes out to play when I need an additional trigger such as a bit more flash in deeper water or even off colored water.  I especially like this pattern in a size 22 for trico nymph and emergers and sunk spinners.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tropical moisture brings BWO out to play

When a tropical storms rolls up from the Pacific, which doesn't happen all too often, although this is the second time this year, into the Southern Rockies, it brings with it the perfect BWO weather.  What to do?  Take a few days off to throw dries.  That is what I did today and it was awesome!  I've been tying lots of different BWOs lately an they all worked great but.......I couldn't see them.  Between the rain falling and the low light, I had trouble seeing anything other than the hi-viz patterns.  I threw them all anyways and had a great day.  Check it out.
Streamers before the rain starts falling

Fall colors all along the riverside

Looking downstream

Looking upstream

Carl Pennington's Biot Emerger is one of my favorites. 

Look at the colors!

Sparkle Dun eater

My first fish on a no hackle pattern.  These things are so sexy!

The drying patch.  It was so wet today, I had trouble keeping things dry even before they hit the water.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tricos and Rainbows

It's been a long summer full of Tricos and the fishing has been great.  We are getting to the tail end of the hatch, but recently, the hatch and spinner fall has been awesome.  The fish are still eating hard as you can see in the video.  The bugs are small and now I am having trouble fooling them with #26 spinners.  They still eat them, but not like they were a few weeks ago.  Still, it is fun to watch such a sight.  Make sure to check out the short video with a rainbow going nuts, eating spinners.

Tricos and Rainbows on The South Platte from Juan Ramirez on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The fishing has been great all year long.  The bugs are really small right now, but there are still a ton of Tricos in 11 Mile Canyon.  The fish in the picture above was caught on a #26 trico spinner by some beginner fly fisherman. It is possible to teach never evers how to cast a dry fly and catch fish on small patterns.  It helps if the clients are younger than 50 too so they can see the pattern on the water!
There is still some really good time on the water right now.  The tricks are mixed with BWOs and that makes for a great dry fly day.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

PMD Sparkle Dun video

I've been tying a lot of these lately and I think I have it down.  The Sparkle Wings are excellent patterns to use during any hatch.  Tied in a PMD, as shown here, or a BWO pattern, it's hard to beat.  I threw in a little extra to try out.  Enjoy.

PMD Sparkle Dun from Juan Ramirez on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I remember

I had only seen these two buildings in pictures but I thought the simplicity of them and the height was so awesome.  Being a kid from New Mexico, I figured I'd never see them.  When I stood at the base of them, I couldn't believe it.  The height and scale of them was unbelievable.  As we drove out of the city, there they were, standing like a fourteen thousand foot peak in the middle of a small mountain range. I couldn't stop staring.  I would see them a few more times before that day they disappeared and it was always the same feeling of amazement and  wonder.  I have not been back since, but if I did, I can only imagine what it would look and feel like.  It would be as if Pikes Peak was gone, if Mt. Rainier was gone or the part of the Front Range disappeared.  One day, I will go back, but it will never be the same as I remember.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's almost over.  It's getting a bit colder and the snow has been flying in the high country.  I don't know about you, but I think we are in for a hell of winter.  
Here are a few newly shared photos of my trip to Montana in July.  If only I could rewind to late June!  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Selective Fish

Selective fish can frustrate you, but if you are prepared, you can quickly make the change to match what they are eating.  In this case, a Rainbow who was eating Trico duns immediately switched to emerging PMD nymphs.  How did I know?  The rise forms were more hurried as it was chasing the bug from below the surface and turning downward after eating the nymph.  What pattern worked for this fish?  My PMD Ice Emerger.  The wing on the Ice Emerger duplicated the adult crawling out of the nymphal shuck.  I'd say it worked pretty good.  There were several fish eating these nymphs 10 feet above fish still eating tricos.  Always bee on the lookout for easier fish.  There is a huge difference between throwing a #22 spinner than a #18 dry and dropper.