Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Montana Fly Company Stuff

A while back I ordered some thing from MFC.  Some items were back ordered and I never received them.  Well yesterday, I received a small package in the mail.  It was some of the back ordered stuff.  In the package was a couple of really neat items.  One was a MFC fly box.  I ordered this for a donation box but now looking at it, I might just keep it for myself.  The other thing I was surprised to see was a bulk pack of CDC.  Now this isn't just a small package of CDC feathers, it is a bulk pack.  3 grams of the stuff is a lot of feathers! Take a look and next time make sure you give MFC tying materials a look.  They have some good stuff out there.


  1. Yeah Juan those CDC 3g. packs have been out for a
    little while now I have all their colors and they are some very nice quality CDC you'll ever find.

  2. Pat,

    I played around with some the other night and they are real nice to work with. I will have to see about getting some additional colors.


  3. I use them quite a bit on my Salmonfly Patterns for the under-wings. Good stuff!!

  4. Juan that fly box is bad!!!


  5. Juan,
    Your absolutel right about the new CDC packs, they're great!
    As for the Montana Fly Company fly box, I had a look at them and their matching cell phone caddies in the store today. All I can say is... "Sometimes you just have to look pretty"!